Discover the benefits of working outdoors!

The sun was still hiding  at the beginning of the summer, but now it is is slowly making an appearance – something to be enjoyed to the full…even in the office. Never thought about it? Why not organise your meetings outdoors, in a park or a garden, get out of the daily routine and make the most of the sunshine when doing tasks which allow it?

Our client Manutan, together with Microsoft and Télénet have carried out several studies. We have compiled some good reasons to work outdoors below.

1)      Contact with nature reduces stress. Simply the thought of nature contributes to greater feelings of fulfilment.

2)      In the long term, health and wellbeing both improve. In fact, those who have contact with nature experience less pain and fewer negative emotions.

3)      Working outdoors enables us to meet new people and network.

4)      Working in a park or a garden is also more pleasant than staying inside all day. According to a study carried out by Manutan, almost 35% of employees pay more attention to their external professional environment during the summer.

5)      The environment and nature can also become a source of inspiration. Maintaining 100% focus for an entire day of work is clearly not possible. There is nothing like fresh air and the rays of the sun to refresh ideas.

At Two cents, we already had meetings in the garden. It was such a pleasure!

You too should try having brainstorming sessions and meetings summer-style.

Things to keep in mind:

– Protect yourself from the sun
– Hydrate yourself well
– Make sure you are sitting in the shade if you are using a laptop or a tablet.

Do you fancy having a meeting in our garden, meeting our team and learning more about our services? Contact us!