Journalists and bloggers, who are the biggest influencers?

The question as to whether bloggers are taking over the work of journalists as influencers or opinion makers has captured the attention of many a communications specialist. From our own research and experience as a PR agency, we have come to the conclusion that bloggers are not replacing journalists in terms of opinion making: they complement each other.

One major difference between the role of journalists and bloggers in terms of opinion making is the social and political impact of their messages. A journalist reports the facts and therefore fulfils a public role to neutrally report about current topics. In general, people mostly consult classic media, like a newspaper or the television news, to get informed. A blogger writes subjectively and dares to inject emotion into their writing. Together, both parties stimulate people to reflect, they fuel social debates and they influence the public opinion.

Role of blogs for consumer behaviour: emotion and interaction

As for travel, fashion, cooking and decoration, consumers take to magazines for inspiration. Because of digitalisation, the Internet is also an important source, whether it be via digital magazines, blogs or social media. That is why it is worthwhile contacting bloggers in addition to journalists when reaching press relations. Knowing emotions play an important role is this sector, a blog post sure can be efficient.

When a blogger attends an event or goes on a trip, Instagrams and Snapchats will already have been sent in real time to a wide audience. There is also interaction with readers, who can give their opinion and feedback through all forms of social media. Before you know it, you therefore have a genuine communication platform that enables contact with the products and services.

On the other hand, however, significant decisions, such as financing a renovation or buying a car, are being influenced by classic (offline and online) media.

Conclusion: journalists or bloggers? Try contacting both!

Two cents has already organised a number of PR campaigns with bloggers.

  • Take a look at the post by Myriam from the blog Hap & Tap, following her participation in a cooking session at AEG Electrolux.
  • Thanks to Two Cents, Christel Bedert travelled to Brittany and published a report on her blog.

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