Content marketing via LinkedIn: an unnecessary luxury or an absolute must?

 “Should we have a presence on LinkedIn, perhaps?” is one of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. Our answer, which applies to all social media: “Yes, but only if you’re going to do it properly!” Content marketing via LinkedIn can be a tremendous asset to your inbound marketing plan and help you to raise awareness, generate traffic and leads but only if you get the content right and have the time to focus on it.

Why content marketing via LinkedIn? A few statistics:

A study an American company conducted among more than 5,000 companies[1] revealed that visitors who end up on your web page via LinkedIn are far more likely to turn into a leads. In terms of traffic generated, LinkedIn achieves a score of close on 3%, as against 0.77 % via Facebook and 0.69% via Twitter. Thus it seems that people who click on your web page via LinkedIn tend to be more qualitative visitors. As a corporate LinkedIn profile also scores well in the Google rankings, it even makes for a smart move from an SEO point of view.

But how…?

Having your own company page with logo, corporate colours and description is a start, but there is more to it.  The only way to create added value for your (potential) customers is by publishing relevant content. Aside from that, you will need to follow the posts and pulses of your customers and influencers in the sector if you want to be able to react to them. And finally, remember to activate your own staff: they may prove to be very important ambassadors indeed when it comes to publishing, commenting on and sharing content.

A number of tips on relevant content for content marketing via LinkedIn:

–          Define your target audience and keep them in mind whenever you publish a post

–          Product news is fine, but alternate it with useful tips, advice and info from the sector

–          Updates with links boost commitment by about 45%

–          Status updates that include a question lead to 50 % more comments

–          Videos are shared 75% more often on average

Advertising budget?

Additionally, certain posts can be “boosted” to reach more people than would be possible via the “organic” route (your own network). The advantage of this is that the target can be determined with precision. It is perfectly possible, for instance, to home in on architects in Limburg only. The downside however is that, in comparison to Facebook, for one, LinkedIn has quite a high CPC. So think carefully about your target audience and message and start with a smaller budget perhaps to test the leads your campaign produces.

Let an expert help you

To be of any use, the page must be kept alive. And often, this is precisely where the shoe pinches. Businesses set to work with great enthusiasm but soon come up against the hard knocks of reality. The overburdened marketing department needs to focus on its own priorities; the LinkedIn page peters out and the corporate image takes the brunt. This is why a good content marketing agency that knows your company’s services can be of enormous added value. They are able to seamlessly integrate LinkedIn with the communication strategy, propose the correct content for the right target group and relieve you from an awful lot of work.

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